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Case Study

Sea Island

Gracious, warm. Worlds away. Welcome.

With our expertise backing this project, Sea Island’s main driver behind this initiative was to build a modern, mobile-first web platform that can be used to position their properties, activities and experiences in an emotionally charged environment, while supporting each phase of the consumer planning journey.


The goal of this project was to reimagine the Sea Island platform to offer a simplified and more intuitive way for guests to discover and experience all that Sea Island has to offer. The result is a fully-immersive website that prioritizes a mobile-first approach, focuses on conversions, offers social integration, and provides guests with a personalized experience.

Key deliverables

  • Website design and development
  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Integrated platform as a service (IPaas) for the ‘Cottages’ arm of Sea Island’s business portfolio
  • Search engine optimization
Family running along the beach
Couple kayaking
Aerial view of golf course at Sea Island
Mother and daughter on hawk walk
Nightime view of Cloister main entrance
Little girl enjoying dinner with family at River Bar
Horseback riding along the beach